Marie Deparis-Yafil

Art critic and freelance curator.

She exhibits and collaborates with many artists, emerging artists as well as well-known artists on the international level.

Since 2006, her writings were published in numerous works (exhibition catalogs and monographs), in France and abroad (Greece, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Japan, Norway, Austria, Morocco, Poland…).

Since 2008, she made, as a curator, several exhibitions of contemporary art, for cities, institutions, galleries, museums and art spaces in France and abroad. As she is specialized in showing contemporary art in historical contexts, she regularly collaborates with the Centre for National Monuments (CMN), and especially, she has made two exhibitions at the Royal Monastery of Brou (Bourg-en-Bresse, France). In 2016, she is the co-curator of the first important exhibition of contemporary art at the Château de Vincennes, the most important witness of the Middle Ages in Europe, with the artist ZEVS.