Ariel Kyrou

Ariel Kyrou defines himself as an “intellectual healer”. The issue of exile seems constantly on the periphery of its work. It is underlying the book he co-wrote with mounir fatmi: This is not a blasphemy, The betrayal of images: caricatures of Mahomet to hypercapitalism (Inculte / Actes Sud, May 2015). Better: it is his virtual version, that of exile to oneself via the new technologies, even the fanaticism or the mental desolation of our time, who inhabits the film of which he was co-creator, In the worlds of Philip K. Dick (Nova Prod, Arte, March 2016), or many of his books like Revolutions of internet (Inculte, 2012), Google God, subtitled “Big Brother does not exist, it is everywhere” , ABC Dick (Inculte, 2009), Paranofictions, Traité de savoir vivre for a time of science fiction (Climats / Flammarion, 2007) or Reinventing work without employment (Institut Diderot, March 2017). Ariel Kyrou was one of the pioneers of the internet via Moderne Multimédias, of which he is associate director, for example with the Virgin Megaweb in 1995. He is a member of the editorial team of Multitudes magazine and is editor-in-chief of Solidarum ( as well as the magazine Visions solidaires pour demain, the Culture Mobile website ( and the Digital Society Forum ( He is also editorial director of the festival of contemporary art a-part and professor of critical history of current cultures in the department SACIM (Science, Arts, Cultures, Innovations, Multimedia) of the University of Versailles / Saint-Quentin en Yvelines .