Barbara Polla

Barbara Polla received her MD from the University of Geneva in 1982 and the Habilitation à Diriger from University Paris V – René Descartes in 1994. She was an elected politician form 1991 to 2003 and opened her gallery, Analix Forever, in 1991. Art and writing have become her major focus and she works today as a gallerist and an independent curator, both in Switzerland and abroad. Her constant involvement in favor of freedom has led her to curate numerous exhibitions, organize conferences and publish books on the theme “Art and prison, art in prison”.

In 2011, in collaboration with French art historian and critic Paul Ardenne, Barbara Polla created VIDEOFOREVER, an academic series of thematic video projections and conferences aiming at promoting video art.

Barbara Polla is a writer of books on art (in collaboration with other art writers) as well as stories, novels, and poetry (À toi bien sûr, 2008 ; Victoire, 2009 ; Troisième vie, 2015 ; Vingt-cinq os plus l’astragale, 2016). She also researches and publishes assays on gender issues (Tout à fait Femme, 2012, Tout à fait Homme, 2014, Femmes hors normes, 2017, Ed Odile Jacob).