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Photographic and drawing es- say about the New Jungle of Calais, the spontaneous refu- gee camp on the border be- tween France and England that took place between April 2015 and October 2016.
It is an unconventional story, which seeks to distance itself from the media image to pro- pose another approach to a stigmatized place. It seeks to reveal how this place gradual- ly transformed into a real city, self-constructed by refugees and volunteers. While waiting for a hypothetical crossing, you have no choice and you have to live, to build and still being yourself, in spite of everything.

The result is a cross between my sketchbook, which accom- panied me during the 4 months of work, and my photographic images. These tell about terri- tory, the theater of daily lives recreated from nothing. The drawings bring the viewer into the world of intimacy and de- tails, leaving them a greater degree of imagination.