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Julia Kristeva, a French-Bulgar- ian philosopher, writes: “…as the human being is a speaking being, it naturally speaks the language of its kin: the moth- er tongue, the language of its group, the national language. Changing languages amounts to losing this naturalness, be- traying it, or at least translat- ing it. A foreigner is essentially a translator. He can succeed in adapting perfectly to the des- tination language without for- getting the original language, or only partially forgetting it. However, most of the time he is perceived as a foreigner pre- cisely because his translation betrays a musicality or a men- tality that doesn’t quite adjust with the identity of the host population…”

Having lived a nomadic life, traveling, living and working around the world, Anna Rai- mondo reflects upon her rela- tions to the different languag- es in her life: Italian, Spanish, French and English. She is also taking a phonetics class to learn to speak with a British accent. Somewhere between ridicule and seriousness, hes- itation and encouragement, Anna’s exploration invites the audience into a “sonic soup” of lingue / idiomas / langues / languages.

Anna Raimondo

Born in 1981 in Italy. She lives in Brussels and works internationally.

Anna Raimondo completed the MA Sound Arts at the London Col- lege of Communication and is running a practice based PHD be- tween Arba and ULB University in Brussels on urban geography and gender perspectives. Anna Raimondo’s work is a medium for encounters and exchanges. It can be defined as a journey that il- lustrates social diversity while creating possible areas of interaction. The method is flexible and variable, accepting the accidental as the unforeseeable. Anna Raimondo does not seek to summarize a global reality, but rather to allow herself to be surprised and led by the Other. There is also a humorous and playful aspect, both in the actions in public spaces and in her plastic creations. A story, a word, a gesture or an everyday object become evidence of a multiple and evolving identity, both revealed and questioned.

Courtesy: The artist