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Brankica Zilovic has been cre- ating cloth cartographies for several years, stemming from a reflection on Pangaea: at the end of the Carboniferous era, over 300 million years ago, the Earth’s entire landmass formed one single supercontinent. Over the course of the follow- ing millions of years, Pangaea fractured, rifts formed and the surface of the land separated into continents. At the end of history, science predicts, in about 250 million years, an ultimate Pangaea will come to be, and all the continents will be united once again.

Through globalization, both economically and in terms of communication and informa- tion networks, we are in a way already experiencing Pangaea. But paradoxically, this doesn’t lead to a pacific unification of the world, far from it. Instead, it creates the exacerbation of oppositions, ruptures and ide- ological, religious and econom- ic rifts. Continents are more than ever adrift, simultaneous- ly moving and torn by intestine wars. Brankica Zilovic delivers a certain vision of the world, both poetic and violent, where she highlights this world’s ten- sions, dislocations and at times brutal sutures, with its arbi- trary borders, extorted peace agreements, dispossessed ter- ritories… Globalization only creates a “super fragile” su- percontinent constantly at risk of disintegration and liquefac- tion. A world adrift.

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Courtesy: the artist and Galerie Laure Roynette, Paris.