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Dan Perjovschi’s drawing is simple as a child’s. But his message is still as incisive, his favourite targets being the world’s great questions, glob- al warming, the enlargement of the European Union toward poor Romania, Islam, the rich and the poor…

The simplicity of the drawing contrasts with the work’s evoc- ative powerfulness, directly inspired by cultural and politi- cal current affairs. Three lines, two words, and everything has been said.

Through the circulation of signs, Dan Perjovschi takes us to a world traversed with humour but also darkness, of- tentimes tender, sometimes insolent. With a concise a quick gesture, he elaborates a sim- ple political strategy that nev- er forgets to be poetic.

In an interview with Charline Corubolo for the “Petit Bul- letin” newspaper, Dan Per- jovschi said: “We are all living in a post-Charlie Hebdo world. Freedom of speech is funda- mental in our contemporary society and in contemporary art, but I believe this freedom has to go hand in hand with re- sponsibility. We are now under pressure to claim our rights, to be better protected and speak freely… It’s a very important time. I reflect upon these is- sues in my drawings. We must reply to violence with intelli- gence and humour. We must laugh about death.”