A Bunun aborigine from Tai- wan reads in his language passages of a scenario by Mi- chelangelo Antonioni that was never filmed.

The history of cinema, or rath- er its non-history, is filled with movies that were never made. One of these is Green Earth by Antonioni, which was printed as a book among the director’s unfilmed scenarios.

The story tells the last days of a community living in an ideal and verdant Greenland that must flee the coming glacia- tion. The idea isn’t to shoot the director’s scenario but to showcase it as a virtual project via a virtual medium.

It’s about creating a sort of ar- chive that doesn’t deny the un- finished status of Antonioni’s project but on the contrary, reinforces and embraces it.

This archive therefore doesn’t go against the catastrophic course of the story (the mov- ie couldn’t be produced, the community must run or die).

Instead, it hold at equal dis- tance the disappearance and the non-occurred, the ruin and the utopia that are to me linked to the very nature of the medium.