A painting made in 2015, ter- ribly topical today: a group of people piled up in an inflatable raft.

Above, a crowd advances, in- different to the boat.

I notice that the sea is black and that the artist’s distinctive colors can be seen, in the form of several circles.

This is the last work of art painted by Fromanger.

Sentimental crowds, street scenes, portraits of philosoph- ical comrades such as Barthes, Deleuze or Foucault: Froman- ger injects color into a relation to the world in which he in- cludes himself, through which he fights, paint brushes in hand (or using electrical tape) employing press photographs that he projects onto his paint- ings containing figures linked together by a serpentine line or tattooed with dashes of pri- mary colors, slightly cold, pur- ple or watery green.