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The work presented here is part of a group of installations entitled “Draw me an Exile”. Exile, exile or rather Exile exit is a simple and poetic piece, just a few words embroidered onto cotton sheets. The white sheet has multiple significa- tions that complete and some- times oppose each other. It can be an evocation of domesticity, a house, one’s bed, a protec- tive “home”.

Sleep, says the artist, the fact of locking oneself in a room, is an act of exile, the fact of fall- ing asleep is an act of exile, a form of interior exile. But the artist also tells us that this is an item for traveling, of anon- ymous bedding, hotel rooms… The sheet and the blanket are the first things that are given to a refugee, “a shield against the nudity into which an impos- sible life has forced him”, she writes.

These sheets can also be the ones in which lifeless bodies are placed, shrouds – “sheets for the ultimate rest” – for those who didn’t get to the end of the journey, exit. A shroud that, in Islamic tradi- tion, is made of three white sheets, like here.



Courtesy: the artist.