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This piece by Kendell Geers comprises two identical clocks against a black background painted directly onto the wall. One is set on New York time, the other on Bagdad time. This installation seems to implicitly echo another piece by another artist, also named “Untitled” (“Perfect Lovers”), created in 1991 by Cuban-American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

This work presented itself as two identical and perfectly synchronized clocks symbol- izing love, and more broadly union and concordance, as well as the universality of time. But Kendell Geers replaced the subtitle “Perfect Lovers” with “Imperfect” and his clocks show two different times, that of a likely peaceful New York and a Bagdad afflicted by war (the piece was created in 1991, at the end of the Gulf War).

By highlighting the time differ- ence between the two coun- tries, he underlines their dis- cordance, de-synchronizes the times and refutes a globalized vision of the world: the world is not the same for everyone and it is difficult to reunite dis- jointed times.



Courtesy: the artist and ADN Galeria.