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This work, specially created on site by the artist for the exhib- it, spreads out like a moving swarm running on the walls of the gallery. From a distance, it looks like a cloudy sky, but by getting closer, one discovers that these shapes are made up of thousands of stamp marks resembling administrative stamps, only here they bear the text Forever immigrant.

These two words pose several questions: the belonging to a territory, the “uncertain per- manence” of a migrant’s situa- tion, exile and identity, as well as that of the fluidity of a world in which nomadism and cultur- al porosity can become a way of life.

“I have been conducting for some years now a sensitive ex- ploration of the questions of exile, immigration and geogra- phy. This reflection is nourished by my experience of a nomadic life, split between several lan- guages, impacted by continu- ous displacements and various cultural and social influences, traversed by the presence of literature, philosophy and po- etry”, explains the artist.

Forever Immigrant is itself a nomadic work of art that the artist produces wherever he is, with simple tools – a stamp and ink – and a minimal and repeat- ed gesture.



Courtesy: the artist and 49 Nord 6 Est Frac Lorraine.