Bunker C.A.A.O.U. is a form for a bunker. A wooden mold that gives its shape to the con- crete that is poured into it.

It represents the possible construction of a bunker, any- where, just in case.

Faced with this wooden form- work for a miniature blockhaus that could have been used for its construction, the audience is invited to conduct an intru- sion that it assumes is impos- sible.

Bunker C.A.A.O.U., through which Nelson Pernisco relates the difficulty of self-production in an economy based on the principles of do-it-yourself and squatting, symbolizes a disci- plinary, hardly viable architec- ture.

Acting as a symptom of a so- ciety that no longer offers any spaces shielded from prying eyes and control, the work implicitly speaks in favor of the creation of a utopic indi- vidual refuge that remains to be invented, and which would reverse the inside/outside rela- tionship.