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Giant poster of variable dimensions.
Monument should not be trust- ed is a series of participatory exhibitions, forums, education- al workshops and parallel inter- disciplinary events that focuses on the ongoing civil conflict in Syria.

The first show, Lidinos for Syria, was launched in 2011-12, over a period that public reactions against the war and its conse- quences, were yet minor. The current project of the series, entitled Philoxenia, comprises a wide range of activities that took shape after systematized visits and actions at numerous refugee camps. Based on the idea of the establishment of an emblematic refugee camp on the Acropolis in Athens, the project brings together artists, architects, anthropologists, sociologists and other special- ized scientists with students coming mostly from universi- ties of humanistic studies and architectural/art schools.

Apart the Aegean Refugee Ar- chive (A.R.A.), which collects optical material and any other kind of documents regarding the refugee crisis on the Greek islands, the Philoxenia Pro- ject, proceeds to a variety of actions in order to arise social awareness, like the edition of a series of giant posters against the decision of many countries to close their borders.