The Refugee Nation is an in- dependent solidarity organiza- tion for refugees from around the world that was originally created to implement and support a team for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. They needed a flag: Yara Saïd, a young Syrian artist living as a refugee in Amsterdam, im- agined this one.

“The black and the orange are a symbol of solidarity with all the courageous souls who had to wear life vests in order to cross the sea and seek safety in a new country. I wore one. I have a personal connection with these vests that bear those two colours”, explains Yara Saïd.

The flag, and an anthem: these are the first two official crea- tions of the Refugee Nation, two symbols of union for a sin- gle cause or common values, two symbols of identity whose traces can be found in other artworks present in the exhib- it. This flag, in all its simplicity and visual efficiency, has be- come a very powerful symbol and was recognized as one of the world’s best design crea- tions in 2016.