Beatriz Canfield

How far can we reinvent the concept of exile? Are these feet by Mexican artist Beatriz Canfield the bare ends of anonymous migrants, hung high and short? Or are they the opposite of gravity-free legs, transfiguring exile as they rise to the sky? Anonymous is an essay on violence and brutality, not as isolated acts, but as the violent act itself and its psychological implications. Violence as a universal emotional archetype and dual di- rection arrow: what we constantly receive and internalize in the form of fear and resent- ment and what we give back in the form of anger, which often becomes chronic.

About the artist

Born in 1972 in Mexico City, Beatriz Canfield lives and works in Mexico City. Graduated from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and En- graving La Esmeralda. Visual Artist with a wide range of records that includes Sculpture, video installation and photography. Her work has been exhibited in numerous individual and collective exhibitions both in Mexico City and abroad, Spain, France, England, Switzerland, among others. The practice proposed by Canfield forces the sculpture to interact with other manifestations, leading to an expanded sculpture practice, which is required in the process section of explosives, photography and video with 4k technology, to finally make all of it an installation of both photographic and video record of the detonation process as of the state of the object / sculpture after the intervention of the explosives, ruins of the matter generated by a sculptural practice in times of war, in a generalized state of siege.

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Courtesy: the artist