Dania Reymond
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A Bunun aborigine from Taiwan reads in his language passages of a scenario by Michelangelo Antonioni that was never filmed. The history of cinema, or rather its non-history, is filled with movies that were never made. One of these is Green Earth by Antonioni, which was printed as a book among the director’s unfilmed scenarios. The story tells the last days of a community living in an ideal and verdant Greenland that must flee the coming glaciation. The idea isn’t to shoot the director’s scenario but to showcase it as a virtual project via a virtual medium. It’s about creating a sort of archive that doesn’t deny the unfinished status of Antonioni’s project but on the contrary, reinforces and embraces it. This archive therefore doesn’t go against the catastrophic course of the story (the movie couldn’t be produced, the community must run or die). Instead, it hold at equal distance the disappearance and the non-occurred, the ruin and the utopia that are to me linked to the very nature of the medium.

About the artist

Born in Algiers in 1982, Dania Reymond lives and works between Paris and Angoulême. Dania Reymond graduated from the Beaux-Arts School of Marseille and Lyon, and from the Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts. Her films go from experimental videos to art-house fiction. In 2012, she directed Jeanne, her graduation film in the Fresnoy and received the Studiocollector Award. In 2014, her work received the Art Collector Award at the Young Creation Forum. In 2016, she di- rected Le Jardin d’essai, (The Trial Garden),Young Jury Award at the Brive Medium-Length Film Festival. Her films have been selected in festivals such as the FID of Marseille, Côté Court in Pantin or News directors News films, but also in places dedicated to contemporary art. In 2015, the CNAP (National Center for Contemporary Arts) integrates her works to its collection.

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