Ndari Lo
Welded metal

In the exhibition space, the visitors are likely to run into the slender silhouettes of Ndari Lo’s two walkers. The walking man is of course a figure that evokes departure, traveling, nomadism and ex- ile. He reveals both the deeply mobile nature of man and his capacity to literally and figuratively “move forward”. These walkers also possess the fol- lowing meaning for the artist: a determined walk towards the future, a “long walk towards change”, he said. The walkers are therefore doubly symbolic: of this walk, sometimes forced by events or elements but that naturally pushes man towards discovering new places, and of man’s fierce commitment to progress. The Exile Pavilion represented a unique occasion to honour this internationally renowned Senegalese artist who recently passed away.

About the artist

Ndary Lo (Dakar, 1961 – Lyon, 2017) was an internationally renowned Senegalese sculptor, also considered one of the most active African artists in the creation of installations. He is known to most for the men who march: very high iron silhouettes, which rush towards the sky. And man, in fact, was the center of his research, as well as AIDS, slavery and the tragic fate of migrants. This volume, directed by Jacques Rouayroux and Sylvain Sankalé, is presented as a monograph of the artist who places his metal works in dialogue with his most ephemeral creations often contained in dusty notebooks, private correspondences, unpublished documents. The book responds to the last wishes of Ndary Lo who, shortly before his death, commissioned Jacques Rouayroux to bring to light all the richness of his work for too long inevitably hidden in his atelier. Only through this process would it be possible for Ndary Lo to grasp the depth of his creation and the thought from which the creative moment originated. Alongside the artist’s works, contributions from art and work specialists of the Senegalese sculptor take place, in this way the reader has the opportunity to resonate with the intimate thought of Ndary Lo, deepen his intentions and follow his meanders of his creative process.

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Courtesy: rights-holders of the artist