Fake magazine

This text is a manifest: for the recognition of what was destroyed with the so-called Jungle of Calais; so that its surge of vitality and joy can be reborn somewhere else; so that the “36,001st French municipality” lives on, the municipality of hospitality. This appeal was written by Sébastien Thiéry for PEROU, or Pôle d’Exploration des Ressources Urbaines (Center for the Exploration of Urban Resources), which he coordinates. PEROU is one of the instigators (with agrafmobile) of Réiventer Calais, “the Other news magazine of the city of Calais”, a fake issue of Calais Mag published in April 2016, with 4,000 copies distributed in the streets of Calais... the consequence of which was a legal procedure by the city against PEROU for plagiarism.

About the artist

Association law 1901 founded in September 2012, PEROU is a research-action laboratory on the hostile city designed to articulate social and architectural action in response to the surrounding danger, and renew knowledge and know-how on the issue. Referring to the fundamental European rights of the person and the “right to the city” that results from it, PEROU is a tool at the service of the multitude of undesirables, commonly counted as social or even ethnic cases, but never considered as inhabitants in their own right.

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Courtesy: The artist