This text is a manifest: for the recognition of what was destroyed with the so-called Jungle of Calais; so that its surge of vitality and joy can be reborn somewhere else; so that the “36,001st French municipality” lives on, the mu- nicipality of hospitality. This appeal was written by Sébast- ien Thiéry for PEROU, or Pôle d’Exploration des Ressources Urbaines (Center for the Ex- ploration of Urban Resources), which he coordinates. PEROU is one of the instigators (with agrafmobile) of Réiventer Cal- ais, “the Other news magazine of the city of Calais”, a fake issue of Calais Mag published in April 2016, with 4,000 cop- ies distributed in the streets of Calais… the consequence of which was a legal procedure by the city against PEROU for plagiarism.