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Two white polycotton shirt, 4 colors print.

In 1978, Groupe UNTEL, com- prising three French artists from the post-1968 “Nouvelle Vague”, created a performance entitled Tourist. It consisted in walking through the streets of Cahors (a touristic town in south-western France), two of them getting their picture taken by passers-by while the whole scene was simultaneous- ly photographed by the third one. Each member of the trio (Jean-Paul Albinet, Philippe Cazal and Wilfrid Rouff) wore a TOURIST outfit: a white paint- er overall and a t-shirt, with the French word TOURISTE printed on them, with various fonts and colours, and badges as well.
On 16 October 1978, during their FASHION SHOW perfor- mance in the Great Gallery of the Louvre, UNTEL present- ed its TOURISTE collection. In 2015, the performance was reactivated, and consequent- ly a limited series of “Touriste shirts” was produced.
Since 1978, the context has changed. UNTEL still ques- tions the act of consumerism, but also the work of the gal- lery owner/producer, as well as artists’ new strategies, their daily work seeming to have evolved. The economic weight of tourism has also grown, with globalization and new geopo- litical evolutions. The complex issues of the tourism industry have become crucial and the world of contemporary art is involved as well, from the Ven- ice Biennale to the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.