Fabien Zocco
Video installation, computer program, sound

A database listing the names of the stars (Electra, Aldebaran, etc....) is queried every minute. When a star is chosen, an image caught in Google Street View appears. It is the image of a place on Earth with the same name as the star. From the Sky to the Earth is a work in which Fabien Zocco connects the names of all the known stars in the cosmos to images of places on Earth with the same name, stored in the database of Google Street view. Here the poetry of the celestial names collides with the prosaic and distorted images of places across the world, many of them suburban. Does this collision, one might ask, somehow raise the status of the places, lifting them up in the direction of their celestial aspirations? Or does it not pull the stars out of the sky, making them fall down to the bland new world proudly brought to us by Google? Maybe both, maybe neither. Perhaps the collision instead opens up a new imaginary, more poetic place somewhere in between up there and down here.

About the artist

Fabien Zocco graduated from the Fresnoy-National Studio of Contemporary Arts in 2016. He explores the plastic potential of computerized dematerialization, applications and other software. Playing with the infinite possibilities offered by the digital network, he uses the icons of digital popular culture and virtual aesthetics to create futuristic architectures, forms or narratives. Not without a touch of derision, he questions our relationship to new technologies that have invaded our daily lives and probe our relationship to the virtual.

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Courtesy: The artist