Jean-Baptiste Audat
Sculpture, mattress, sheets

A mattress. Single, 90 centimetres. All the flags in the world are represented, printed. The mattress is on a bed base made of metal grids in which are inserted articles from the newspaper Le Monde. Stock markets, pension funds, health, companies, profits, investments... stacked one meter high. To sleep on a mattress of cash, dough, moolah.

About the artist

Born in 1950 in Bourges (Cher), Jean-Baptiste Audat. He lives and works in Marseille and Africa. The work of Jean Baptiste Audat is marked by current affairs: politics, economics, ecology, wars and tragedies. So many sources of inspi- ration for a polymorphous work in which drawing, installation and performance combine. Deeply influenced by the African continent, he draws from it an approach of creation based on recovery and resourcefulness. His works speak of the war in Syria, textile factories burned in Bangladesh, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The artist cap- tures these dramas, digest them and we retransmit them, highlighting the voices of the nameless.

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Courtesy: The artist