Orlando Britto Jinorio
Single channel video

Red Indian is a project of Orlando Britto Jinorio, with the collaboration of photographer Jorge Cembranos, which explored through photography and video performance issues concerning identity, freedom, transformation processes and empathy with the “other”. For it draws on his imaginary constructions related to his childhood, the encounter with the years with a toy, a small plastic figure of a Red Indian, also setting a match-tribute with texts of two writers, Franz Kafka and Leopoldo Maria Panero, that have addressed issues of loss, desire and trans- formation. Franz Kafka wrote in 1913 the text “The wish to be a Red Indi- an” included in the collection of stories of his “Contemplations”, text that takes the title Spanish poet Leopoldo Maria Panero to publish in 1970 an eponymous poem included in his famous work “So Carnaby Street was founded.” (“Así se fundó Carnaby Street”). Orlando Britto Jinorio generates in this action spaces of empathy and reconciliation with those many others Red- skins who lived his childhood.

About the artist

Born in 1963 in the Canary Islands, Spain. Lives in Spain, and works in the Canary Islands, Spain, and internationally. Trained as an art historian at the University of Granada, Spain, (1981- 1986) specializes in contemporary art, and works since 1987 as con- temporary art curator and art critic. Along with his specific artistic collaborations which artists who has been heavily linked in recent years, he decided in 2013 start making his own artistic work build- ing with a group of collaborators the experimental short film “Suite Ruin”, his first artistic Project. This shortfilm was finalist on 2014 at the Mumbai Short Film festivals, Noida Film Festival in India, the Salón Internacional de la Luz de Bogotá and the Video Festival Intermedi- aciones in Medellín, Colombia.

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Courtesy: the artist and Maëlle Galerie, Paris.